Ethan Robinson  Trea Robinson

Ethan Thomas Robinson was born in 1973. He is the oldest child of Marc & Janet Miyashiro.

[see siblings, Yvonne and James]

Ethan was born to Janet (Herrick) and Ron Robinson, but he and Marc have been close since age 4 months, and he officially became a Miyashiro when Marc and Janet married in 1977.

Ethan graduated from Terra Nova High School in Pacifica CA and went on to receive a B.A. in Politics from the University of California Santa Cruz in 1995.


Trea Deneb Jennings was born in <birthplace> in 1980 to Jim Jennings and Suzanne Maltz.

Ethan and Trea met in Santa Cruz in <year> and ultimately married in Mendocino in 2003. They have two children: Dax (2006), and Zoe (2008).

They currently live in Concord CA.

Ethan is Assistant Director for <institution> where he addresses the education of special needs children and youth.

Trea is a talented photographer and devoted, full-time mom.



Ethan with Aunt Sue, Uncle Dean, and Lenka Ethan, siblings, and cousins at Yosemite Ethan and Dax in the Japanese Tea Garden

Ethan, Trea, Zoe, and Dax Robinson

Ethan Robinson (1973)
Trea Jennings (1980)
- - - Dax Robinson (2006)
- - - Zoe Robinson (2008)