Photo of Theresa Miyashiro

Theresa Yvette Miyashiro was born in 1953. She was the younger child of Jim & Pearl Miyashiro.

[see brother, Marc]

Tee graduated from Woodstock Community High School in Woodstock IL and attended Northern Illinois University.

Kira, Krista, Tee, Liana, Rabbitt, and Kaimana

She and husband Gary Helmuth moved to San Francisco, and later divorced.

Tee married Billie Mac Herring in 1978. They had two children together, Krista (1980) and Melissa (1984), now Rabbitt.

Tee went on to earn a nursing degree.

They divorced in 1988, and Tee raised the girls in Southern California.

Tee currently lives in Sacramento, California, working as a nurse at Kaiser Hospital.


Theresa Miyashiro (1953)
Krista Herring (1980)

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Rabbitt Miyashiro (1984)

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