Ralph Miyashiro Jr in 1965 placeholder for photo of Pat Miyashiro

Ralph Miyashiro, Jr. (Butchie) was born in 1947. He was the middle child of Ralph & Kammy Miyashiro.

[see siblings, Ethel and Bruce]

Ralph graduated from Punahou in Honolulu in 1965 and went on to attend Case Western Reserve. He has MPH and MBA degrees from the University of Hawaii.


Pat Baker was born in 1948. Ralph met Pat in Sacramento. They married in 1995.

Ralph has a daughter, Ruth (1970), from a previous marriage.

Pat has a daughter, Jennifer Lucich (1972). Jennifer has two sons, Jonathan and Jordan.

Ralph and Pat currently live in Roseville CA.



Portrait of Pat & Ralph

Family photo

Ralph Miyashiro, Jr.(1947)
Pat (1948)

Ruth (1970)

+ + Michael Roberds (1965)