Ralph Toyama  Patty Toyama

Ralph Toyama was born in 1935. He was the only child of Ethel and K. Toyama.

Ralph graduated from <school> and went on to receive a B.S. from the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

Patricia Stevensen was born in <place> in <year> to Bob Stevensen and <mother>.

Ralph and Pat met at the University of Wisconsin and married in Madison in 1960. They had two children: Wendy-Jo Yoshiko (1962) and Jennifer (??).

They raised their children in Glen Ellyn IL, where Ralph....


Ralph died of liver cancer in 2009. Pat continues to live in Glen Ellyn, and is a dedicated grandmother.


Young Ralph Toyama


Ralph Toyama (1935-2009)
Patricia Stevenson (??)

Wendy-Jo Toyama (??)

+ + Thomas DeWalle(??)

- - - Kalyn Yasutake (1990)

- - - Patrick Yasutake (1994)

Jennifer Toyama (??)

+ + Douglas Bolino

- - - Sophia Bolino (??)

- - - Genevieve Bolino (??)