Pauline  Picture of Yurie to come.

Pauline Miyashiro was born in 1954. She was the daughter of Fred and Shiz Miyashiro.

[see brother, Stewart]

Pauline graduated from <school> in <city> and went on to...


Pauline with Uncle Michael

Howard was born....

Pauline and Howard met in Mesa, Arizona

Pauline has four children: Michael Hamman (1975), Brian Crowder (1979), Marshall Schofield (1988), and Daniel Schofield (1991)

Pauline and Howard have retired to Oklahoma.


Pauline and her mother Photo of Brian Crowder with Zachary and Michael Hamman Marshall


Pauline Miyashiro (1954)
Howard Schofield (19xx)

Michael Hamman (1975)

+ + Tracie Siu (19xx)

- - - Zachary Hamman (1994)

Brian Crowder (1979)

Marshall Schofield (1988)

Daniel Schofield (1991)