Photo of Marc Miyashiro by Ray Goldstein c 1975  Photo of Janet Miyashiro (nee Herrick) c 1983

Marc Carl Miyashiro was born in 1950. He was the older child of Jim & Pearl Miyashiro.

[see sister, Theresa]

Marc graduated from Woodstock Community High School in Woodstock IL and went on to receive a B.A. in English from Columbia University in the City of New York in 1972.

Janet Marie Herrick was born in Oakland in 1953 to Yvonne Choppin and Robert Dean Herrick.

Marc and Janet met in New York City in 1970 and ultimately married in Reno, Nevada in 1977. They have three children: Ethan Robinson (1973), Yvonne (1981), and James (1982).

They raised their children in the San Franciso Bay Area, where Marc had a checkered career that began as a graphic artist and ultimately led to information architect.

Janet, too, pursued several careers, including Brushmobile Lady (dental education) and elementary school teacher, all while being a devoted, full-time mom.

They currently live in Clayton, California, and are dedicated to being grandparents.


Janet with Jimmy, Yvonne, and Ethan, in Pacifica Marc plays rock star for a nightMarc and Janet as Ming the Merciless and Princess Aura for Halloween Marc & Janet's kids & partners at Hanauma Bay

Informal portait of Marc's family July 2006

Marc Miyashiro (1950)
Janet Herrick (1953)

Ethan Robinson (1973)

+ + Trea Jennings (1980)

- - - Dax Robinson (2006)

- - - Zoe Robinson (2008)

Yvonne Miyashiro (1981)

+ + Ben Ferrari

- - - Owen Ferrari (2006)

- - - Laine Ferrari (2009)

- - - Claire Ferrari (2009)

James Glenn Miyashiro (1982)