Genevieve McLead as a young teen

Genevieve McLead (Genny) was born in 195x. She was the oldest child of Chickie and Bob McLead.

[see siblings, Barbara and Charles]

Genny graduated from <school> in <city> and went on to receive a BA from College of Notre Dame in Belmont CA in 197x.

Jenny with son Brannon


Genny married Bobby Alexander in <year>. They divorced in <year>. They have two children: Brannon (19xx) and Amelia (19xx).

Genny is an accountant for Armadillo Willie.

She married Tom Kenney in <year>.

Genny currently lives in Sunnyvale CA.


Genny as a baby

Genny with her mom

Genevieve McLead (195x)

x x Robert Alexander

+ + Tom Kenney

Brannon Alexander (19xx)

Amelia Alexander (19xx)