Ralph T. Miyashiro  Kammy Chang

Ralph Tadao (Tada) Miyashiro was born in 1921. He was the fifth of the 12 children.

Tada graduated from <school> and later went on to receive <advance education> in <date>.

Kam Eu (Kammy) was born in <year> in <place>. Kammy went to school...

Ralph and Kammy met in <place> and married in <year>. They had three children, Ethel (194x), Ralph Jr. (1948) or "Butchie", and Bruce (1953).

They raised their children in Kailua, Oahu.

Tada worked...

Kammy was a dental hygenist....

In later years they lived in Roseville, California.

Today, Tada lives with Ethel on Oahu.


Young FamilyRalph & Kammy's 50th Anniversary

Ralph & Kammy's Family in 1994


Ralph Miyashiro (1921)
Kam Eu (Kammy) (dates?)

Ethel Miyashiro (194x)
- - - Natalie (19xx)
- - - Becca (19xx)

Ralph Miyashiro, Jr. (194x)
x x Pat
- - - Ruth (1980)

Bruce Miyashiro (195x)
x x Lee Ann