Ethel Miyashiro  Kamado Toyama

Ethel Yoshiko Miyashiro was born in 1915. She was the second of the 12 children.


Kamado ("K.") Toyama was born in <year> in <place>. He was a baker in Wailuku, Maui.

Ethel and K. met in <place> and married in <year>. They had one child, Ralph (1935).

Ethel died of breast cancer in <year>

K. passed away in his 101st year.


Young Ralph Toyama Ethel with Ralph and Michael Ethel with Wendy and Jennifer

Toyama Family


Ethel Miyashiro
Kamado Toyama (dates?)

Ralph Toyama (1935)
x x Patricia Stevenson
- - - Wendy-Jo Toyama (196x)

- - - Jennifer Toyama (196x)