Edward Miyagi  Lola Miyagi

Edward Shigeo Miyashiro was born in 1913. He was the first of the 12 children.

According to custom, as the first-born Edward was educated in Japan, where he took the name "Miyagi".

Lola Ling Sing Young was born on September 9, 1924 in Shanghai.

Edward and Lola met in Shanghai and married on June 6, 1946. They had three children, Melvin (1949), Morris (1951), and Mary (1954).

Edward and Mary were killed in a tragic auto accident in 1969

Today, Lola lives in Kailua.


The Miyagi family Lola & kids Lola & Tori

The Miyagi family in the '60s


Edward Miyagi
Lola (1924)

Melvin Miyagi (1949)
x x Nadine

Morris Miyagi (1951)
x x Iris
- - - Tori (1990)

Mary Miyagi (1954-1969)